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House Toppuu [taa-puː] (突風) is the third of four Houses at Mahoutokoro.

House Toppuu is characterized by the quick wit and perceiving minds of its members. While those of House Toppuu are often seen as carefree and blithe, they are instead are quite mindful of the details surrounding them. They are meticulous in their efforts and focused on creating their best possible work, but can become angry at themselves for minuscule errors. Members of this house easily make friends, but have no qualms in cutting ties with those they distrust.

The common room of House Toppuu is located in a cliffside overlooking the sea. The crashing of the surf along the outer windows makes the light cast watery shimmers within the common room. The sound of swells against the cliffside have been praised as the reason why those in House Toppuu are rumored to sleep the most comfortably of any house.

Those of House Toppuu excel greatly in alchemy.

Toppuu student concept art